Monday, November 26, 2007

Always reaching to exceed your grasp

Funny how we all place limits on ourselves. Even if unintentional or subconsciously, it's so easy to back off on certain tasks because of a knee-jerk "there's no way I could do that" or worse, "that's not my job".

Reflecting on every major transition in my career, I often think that -- had I truly known what the next step involved -- I would have probably not made the shift. Perhaps missing some of the facts can be a good thing.

When that's not the case, you have to consciously push yourself to up your game. It's hard; I know. Exceeding your grasp takes as much faith as facts, driven by the will to do more.

Stretch yourself beyond complacency. You will be amazed.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Access to the Alfresco web site

This weekend there was a problem with our domain registrar, Reg-123, and the sites for which they provide domain services. This means that anyone trying to access our web site via web access or email cannot find our servers. The Alfresco servers are fine and running, but the domain is not.

If you want to reach anyone in Alfresco by email, you can do so by using instead of

To access the web site, please use the following URLs:

* - please use
* and - please use
* - please use

We will try to get this resolved as quickly as possible. Rest assured we will take steps to make sure this never happen again.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Social Computing - "Unified Theory" for Web 2.0?

First the Internet, that ever nebulous "cloud", expanded and morphed to the point that it eventually flexed inside of Corporate firewalls to become the Intranet. Next came Wikis and Blogs with the whole "Web 2.0" craze... which continues to seep into companies today. Following the same absorption process, and nicely blending all previous technical crazes: social computing.

This lends the context that's been missing to make effective use of recent technologies. Perhaps not as profound as the (still elusive) unified theory for Physics, but no less important where software is concerned. Think: Facebook meets your ECM. How much more useful would something as mundane as a content management system become when similar features are applied?

We'll see soon... innovators in this space are bringing tangible products to market within the next few months. Laggards beware!!