Monday, April 23, 2007

Spring and AOP

Interesting "aspect" to Spring... in addition to the overall framework and portability angles, AOP provides some unique elements. An excellent background and subsequent highlights:


Since 2003 there has been much interest in applying AOP solutions to those enterprise concerns, such as transaction management, which have traditionally been addressed by EJB.

Spring AOP supports method interception. Key AOP concepts supported include:

  • Interception: Custom behaviour can be inserted before or after method invocations against any interface or class. This is similar to "around advice" in AspectJ terminology.
  • Introduction: Specifying that an advice should cause an object to implement additional interfaces. This can amount to mixin inheritance.
  • Static and dynamic pointcuts: Specifying the points in program execution at which interception should take place. Static pointcuts concern method signatures; dynamic pointcuts may also consider method arguments at the point where they are evaluated. Pointcuts are defined separately from interceptors, enabling a standard interceptor to be applied in different applications and code contexts.
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